Current Job Openings

Warehouse supervisor

As a Warehouse Supervisor, you will Set-up warehouse standard practices to establish a routine/order in the warehouses to facilitate quick accessibility of materials, numbers and stock details.

Establish Warehouse Policies and Procedures
Organize Existing Inventory and Assets

Sales Officer- Cleaning


Sell Cleaning Services
Preferred B2B experience

Warehouse Assistant

As a Warehouse Distribution Coordinator, you will pick ticket orders from warehouse staff and management and physically pull/pick inventory from the shelves to ensure accurate delivery of warehouse products, for a smooth flow in warehouse operations.

Manage pick ticket orders/list in a timely, accurately and stage them for Delivery

Senior Software Developer

You will be implementing ERPNext to our Needs, You will develop new modules and customize existing modules in Frappe, Python, Javascript, and MariaDB. You will innovate with new technologies by using NLP / Open CV / AI and ML in the coming versions to facilitate paperless transactions and lower human interventions in facilities management modules such as BMS / Energy Management.

Complete deployment of phase 1
Mentor Junior developers
New Features

Senior Recruiter

Adler version

Hire with your head book
Hire Right
Follow the Recruitment Cycle
HR Business Process


Swipe off the dust from the surfaces and spaces you are working at. Use the best equipment to clean, get rid of stains, and keep the space around you Neat. Eliminate the germs with the disinfectants. Follow the Schedules of cleaning ensuring the top-notch customer experience. Learn with us to use Advanced and latest techniques of cleaning.

Keep the Space Clean


You will be managing the checkout counter at a shopping center

Scan precisely; items purchased by customers at check-out
Provide customer Assistance


You are a peace keeper, guarding and monitoring the place you are posted at, keeping it incident- free and secure for workers... a superhero in a Uniform

Keep the Premise Secure with Zero incidents, by patrolling your post as per schedule
In case of suspicious profiling of people; Follow protocols for action
You will prevent emergencies by taking action as per the training provided
You will Maintain Incident Logs

Free Housing provided by the company
Free Transport provided by the company

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مراقبة المحيط
الاحتفاظ بسجلات الحوادث للأشخاص المريبة
مراقبة نظام كاميرات المراقبة

Jr. Software Developer

You will be implementing ERPNext to our Needs, You will learn to develop with the best in class mentors using Frappe, Python, Javascript, and MariaDB. You will do improvements to your development until you are satisfied with the end product. then learn and innovate with AI on the same in the coming versions.

Develop Bug Free Doctypes in ERPNext & Frappe Framework
Handle Customization of ERP Doctypes Independently